UNM Meteorite Museum


Albuquerque, NM

Located on the ground floor of Northrop Hall at the University of New Mexico (originally designed by John Gaw Meem), the Meteorite Museum is home to one of the most nationally significant collections of meteorites.

Formed in the primordial nebula of our solar system, the iron meteorites exquisitely preserve the cubic structure of iron-nickel crystals. The crystalline structures visible in the slices of the meteorites provided the inspiration for the renovation and the design of the display cases. The intent of the design is to share a spirit of scientific curiosity and spiritual reverence for these extraordinary ancient objects.

The museum is laid out on a simple processional path, while the steel shelves suspended within the matrix of the steel and glass display cases are oriented to augment an educational narrative and allow the visitor to dynamically engage with the meteoritic samples.