Rose-Morelli Building


Santa Fe, NM


2010 AIA Albuquerque – Citation of Merit
2008 State of New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award – Urban Design within an Historic Context

The Morelli Building was required to conform to the envelope of a previously existing building on the site. The building is defined by two attached masses following a warehouse vernacular; one mass is clad with galvanized corrugated metal and the other with stucco. The industrial character is carried into the interiors with sealed and polished concrete floors, exposed steel structure, and clean and simple surfaces.

The two tenant spaces have simple plan diagrams reflecting the needs of each tenant; the plans of the two spaces are intentionally inverted: the void defined by a fully retractable 14’ x 20’ skylight in one is echoed by the mass of the central cubic storage vault in the other. A terrace on the West side of the building serves as a podium overlooking the adjacent Railyard Plaza.