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DNCA is a small architectural practice committed to design excellence and the quality of the built environment. We provide a highly personalized level of service, and our methodology is defined by rigorous problem-solving that is synonymous with innovative clarity and practical expediency. DNCA has a track record of completing high quality work for satisfied clients.

At DNCA, we design modern, light-filled spaces, and our process is inspired by the authenticity of an honest palette of materials that is responsive to a client’s needs and budget and the context of site and climate. We strive to achieve good architecture through direct simplicity and an expression of the language of the materials of construction. Although we would define our own work as contemporary and modern, we have evolved as architects, designers, and builders within the traditions of vernacular architecture and craft.

Architecture provides the occasion and the context within which human lives unfold; it has the capability to choreograph the ritual of human life and to inform the language of the spirit and the mind; good architecture has the profound ability to inspire the imagination, language, and lives of its inhabitants. We believe that aesthetics evolves from functionality and the successful integration of building systems and economic constraints. Our practice is grounded in simple human values, in the unique programmatic needs and constraints associated with each specific project, and in a deep appreciation for the methods of construction.

In developing a design, we distill ideas and formal relationships into the simplest, most functional and cost-effective programmatic diagram. We listen, and we resolve complex functional program requirements with professional rigor and imaginative clarity. We provide engaged and individualized service to our clients, and ensure involvement by a knowledgeable, consistent, and accessible project team.